The best advice I ever received.

One day a long time ago, when I was young, I ran across a women who interested me. Not that she was pretty because she was not, at least on the outside. But she seemed to emanate an inner glow, which permeated her surroundings wherever she went. One felt good just being in her presence. 
     One day I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with her, and she told me something which I never forgot: “I do at least one good thing for someone every day” she said, while sweeping bits of hair clippings from the floor of the little beauty shop which she operated.
     I thought that if I could do that, Perhaps, I too, would achieve that inner glow which makes one welcome everywhere. I set about to do one good thing for someone everyday. It was not easy at first, and it soon became nearly impossible. 
     Some people are God-awful horrible! How can you do something good for someone like that? 
     I confronted her with my dilemma, and she told me this: “when you encounter these people which you believe are so horrible, tell them that you see the good in them that is trying to get out. ” 
    I’ll be damned, I thought. I tried it. It worked .. For a while, until it seemed, the world began to change faster and faster, and soon I found myself lost in a whirlwind of conflicting ideologies and tantalizing technologies, which caused my blood pressure to rise inversely proportional to my ability to overlook man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. 
     But, all is not lost, because I can still remember the words spoken by a little wisp of a woman with a big smile who could illuminate a room by just being in it. 
     “i see the good in you that’s trying to get out!”
     I am going to keep trying!

Check your attitude.

Check your attitude daily. Those of you who are in or have been in a position to hire and promote will know individual success depends a lot on a person’s attitude. 
   Talent and aptitude might not be readily visible but ATTITUDE stands out loud and clear. In a world where one is surrounded by negativity, it is easy to develop an attitude which turns people off. 
   Therefore, it is imperative to check our attitude and the attitudes of our employees, students and children regularly.