Welcome to the late great USA.

The people must love it. Well, there is much more bad governing to be had. A leadership so contemptuous of their constituents that they rather shut down the government than cooperate with a President who is only trying to help, must feel secure in their positions. Don’t be surprised if you see what happens when the people become convinced that the ruling elite deserve to be cast out.

House cleaning time!

Let’s clean up the mess! We, the American people have been hoodwinked into believing we have the best standard of living and best government in the world.
     Now, we have some who are hankering to go after ISIS. Of course, there is nothing like a war to generated billions of dollars for those who are already filthy rich enough to endure the resulting inflation caused by wages and benefits paid to workers who produce the weapons of war.
    Many workers, so happy for the higher wages won’t stop to realize that there would not be an ISIS if we had not invaded Iraq, illegally in the first place.
     Yes, they are cruel and brutal from our perspective, but they could not care less about our perspective.
     It is time to clean house, and get the kind of government we thought we had.