Go with the flow, and you will likely ride the stream right into the gutter.

Before we can have safe communities people who live in said communities must make some serious decisions. Before that, they have to decide if they want their neighborhoods to to be law abiding or not. A safe community will probably be a law abiding one. In a s non-law abiding community, people who don’t respect the law couldn’t care less about your safety.
     Just like there is no such thing as a partially law abiding community, there is no such thing as a partially safe community. 
     If you see a problem with prostitution in your neighborhood but don’t see one with the sale of illegal, tax free cigarettes. Then that is like saying you don’t care about cars parked on the streets being stolen as long as no one touches yours in your garage or driveway.
     Life is about choices, and the quality of our lives depend on the choices we make.
     Don’t be bashful. Don’t play dumb. You know right from wrong. Make the right choices or you wont have much of a life or future.

To those who would be tough.

You call yourselves conservatives. You love war, worship guns, and think global warming is a hoax. You adore the rich, despise the poor, and believe you are patriotic.
     Some of you say you believe in God but stray far from the golden rule. Your ilk is very interesting. Maybe that’s why the world is looking you over.

The Second Amendment.

I know many people have been killed by gun wielding psychopaths. I know many more will die because of the lack of adequate gun control. 
     I also know that the citizens of this country will not surrender their second amendment rights out of fear. Fear will only cause them to buy more guns, more ammo. 
     So, those citizens and politicians that really want to help rather than grandstand, will be more effective if they put their efforts into a push for better, more effective, sensible gun control, than trying to limit the amount and kind of guns that will be sold in this country. The latter mode of operation only increases the black market for guns, and will be even less effective than the “war on drugs.”
     I certainly would like to see less fatalities caused by guns in the hands of the wrong persons. However, I am not going to waste anyone’s  time trying to make a case for the elimination of the Second Amendment. It is not going to happen.