Hillary and hope or Trump and disaster

We might end up with two choices, Hillary and hope or Trump and disaster.

Many of the young idealists hoping for Bernie Sanders to deliver them from college debt and reestablish hope for their dream jobs are too young to remember when Richard (TRICKY DICK) Nixon rode into office on the backs of voters weary of riots by civil rights advocates and Viet Nam war protesters, and became a symbol of how to run a crooked administration. An administration which saw Vice President Spiro Agnew resign after being exposed for graft while in office, even excepting bribes on government property. An administration which saw the President resign under threat of impeachment because of the infamous WATERGATE scandal.

Government, like life, cannot be run with sound  bytes,  slogans or threats. Americans should be aware of this or they will see a repetition of history that is not very pretty.

Viva Rubio

Rubio is the shining light of the Republican party. He is not as brash, flashy nor angry as the front runner, Donald Trump. However, he does appear to be the only positive thing for the Republican party to come out of this election cycle.

Trump has lashed onto those white middle class workers who believe that they have been shortchanged by their government. His following is and will continue to be consistent in their support for him. That does not make them right .. nor wrong. But, they are angry. The same kind of anger which fueled the “white backlash” and propelled Nixon into office on a “Law and order” platform.

Rubio promises to unify the party, and so does Trump. How does one unify a party which is so anger-driven that they cannot think straight?

Well, they can always blame President Obama, and they probably will not be wrong. After all, he angered so many conservatives by winning the presidency, not once but twice. Some of the fore mentioned have died. Others have been cursed with a life which will probably be long enough to allow them to dwell in their anger while experiencing all the ills that can come from such.

Welcome to the late great USA.

The people must love it. Well, there is much more bad governing to be had. A leadership so contemptuous of their constituents that they rather shut down the government than cooperate with a President who is only trying to help, must feel secure in their positions. Don’t be surprised if you see what happens when the people become convinced that the ruling elite deserve to be cast out.