Watch out!

The scammers are alive and well. One thing for sure .. people are just as gullible as they are curious. Scammers use this fact to their advantage.. Here is one telephone scam to be aware of: A caller from 202-600-9873 calls you, saying that you have a tax problem that needs to be fixed, and asked you to call the above number. Don’t do it! Hang up!

Why doesn’t the IRS crack down on identity theft crooks? Could it be that they are not capable of cornering tech savvy criminals that know much more about the system than the system knows about them?

The IRS has paid out billions of dollars in fraudulent  tax returns, enough money to feed many hungry kids. The systems is so broken, like many other areas of our government. The problem is not because our government is too big but because our Congress would rather play games, challenging a president who is much smarter than most of them, than solve problems which could benefit all Americans. It is truly sad that our Congress is made up of such an incompetent group of misfits.

Those who like to investigate, investigate this:

The Social Security trust fund does not hold any real economic assets that can be drawn down to pay future benefits.  That is an indisputable fact today, and it has been true ever since the 1983 payroll tax hike was enacted.  Every dollar of the $2.5 trillion in surplus revenue, generated by the payroll tax hike, has been spent on programs unrelated to Social Security, leaving nothing to save or invest.