Situation Critical!

People are getting scammed more than ever. Easy access to telephones, wired and wireless, along with the internet, has given scammers tremendous opportunities to  rip off everyone who uses them. The following link will provide some help on the subject but it is  not conclusive:

We cannot put all of our trust in social media. As long as websites and blogs sites need advertising dollars, there is the possibility that big business will have opinions slanted in their favor. We should support small independent sites which are likely to be less controlled by big business. Research is essential.’s-second-largest-social-network-and-it’s-growing-fast/

Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by social media.

Have you noticed that sometimes there are a series of posts that do not offer you the opportunity to respond to them. Do you think that is an accident? Possibly, but not necessarily so. 
    I call today’s generation the ZOMBIE generation because that’s what the kids look like these days, walking with a bemused smile, heads  bent over their smart phones.
     Parents who have not spent quality time with their kids by now might never get the chance to do so. Try reading a hard copy publication, and see how refreshing it is. Learn to play a musical instrument so you’re not stuck with YouTube.
     Take charge of your fate before social media does.