Hillary and hope or Trump and disaster

We might end up with two choices, Hillary and hope or Trump and disaster.

Many of the young idealists hoping for Bernie Sanders to deliver them from college debt and reestablish hope for their dream jobs are too young to remember when Richard (TRICKY DICK) Nixon rode into office on the backs of voters weary of riots by civil rights advocates and Viet Nam war protesters, and became a symbol of how to run a crooked administration. An administration which saw Vice President Spiro Agnew resign after being exposed for graft while in office, even excepting bribes on government property. An administration which saw the President resign under threat of impeachment because of the infamous WATERGATE scandal.

Government, like life, cannot be run with sound  bytes,  slogans or threats. Americans should be aware of this or they will see a repetition of history that is not very pretty.

Look what the Republicans did.

The STOP TRUMP movement by the Republicans might expose the BIG LIE!
Maybe there never was a government of the people by the people.
The forefathers, who are often referred to by those who wish to laud our Constitution as the best set of laws in all humankind, were landed gentry who did not allow women to vote, not even their wives or mothers.
Donald Trump might be sounding the alarm for the US citizens to WAKE UP!

Anyone can “google” up tons of info on how bad the Koch brothers are and how they are buying congress with their vast wealth. This site believes in giving everyone a chance to tell their side of the story. So, take a look at some details about the notorious brothers that you don’t often see. 


What a waste.

Every time an American soldier dies, in some far off desolate place, I often think, “what a waste.”  What are they fighting for?
     I keep trying to justify the killing, the suffering, the sacrifice. I can’t. I don’t think anyone can honestly give a reason for the endless wars that we continue to feed. 
     Some politicians will point out some abstract reason for conflicts which defy rational reasoning. They play on words like “democracy,”  Words which have less meaning after each battle has passed.
     The same statement seems to hang over each returning coffin. WHAT A WASTE!