I am damn tired of seeing the same bad news everyday

 that is a young black man killing another young black man. Where is the outrage? Had anyone of the murder victims been killed by a white police officer, there would be marches, protests, possible riots, and more.  
     I don’t expect to be endeared into the hearts of black losers for this post, but I don’t care. I am out to help as many black, white, or indifferent people that need help, will appreciate and except help.
    Those individuals whose self esteem is too low to appreciate this post are beyond any help that I can provide. 
    So, may GOD help them.

Don’t blame Obama for race relations.

As usual, when things don’t go right many people look for someone to blame. As usual, the President is a likely target. 
     Race is one of those subjects, like religion, and politics, where people tend to see what they want to see, their perspectives severely limited by their culture.
    Many blacks fault Obama for not playing the race card or not supporting those who did. Some whites and law enforcement blacks blame Obama for not reining in out of control blacks who show no respect for anyone, including law enforcement. 
   In my humble opinion, I think Obama is walking the middle of the road tightrope as best he can. Can you imagine a lame duck walking a tightrope?

You can help.

Law enforcement is more than willing to work with the community in most places. It makes their job easier and safer. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get people to join neighborhood patrols and crime watches. Even when they are started, it is extremely hard to keep volunteers interested and motivated. I speak as one who has worked as a volunteer with crime watch patrols over a period of thirty years, in New York and Florida. 

You need to know this.

When demonstrators become a mob, they will be contained. Whether it is by local law enforcement, state militia, or marines. A mob can never be allowed to rule. Unfortunately, when authorities crack down on a mob  many innocent people get hurt. Tear gas does not know bad from good. Neither do rubber bullets. 
     I really cannot understand why more people don’t form crime watch patrols for their neighborhoods. Most law enforcement agencies will gladly help you set one up. 
     I know from about 30 years of crime watch experience that the cops rather work with you than against you. If people feel too alienated to work with law enforcement for the betterment of their neighborhoods and protection of the residents thereof, then it is time for local leaders to address the cause of this alienation.