I believe in Christmas. Here’s why:

     I think giving is a good thing. I desire peace on earth and good will toward all human beings. I believe that ALL  trees are Christmas trees. Evergreens are beautiful in their own way but  trees whose leaves die in the fall bless us with a spectacular array of colors that only nature can do.
     Does it really matter that there is no historically accurate date of the birth of Jesus, or whether or not he existed at all? Not to me. I like the Christmas spirit, including Santa Claus, Rudolf the red nose reindeer and Frosty the snowman. The Christmas holidays offer a welcome respite from all the incendiary and depressing news of the year.
     Now to all of you who don’t like Christmas, don’t get in my way while I drive my one horse open sleigh. If you do, I’ll run over you. But, I will still say, MERRY CHRISTMAS!