What if Trump wins?

Due to an ironic twist of fate a Trump win might be good for African Americans. No, I am not a die-hard Trump fan but I do appreciate the fact that he is his own man, supporting his own campaign, and beholden to no one. I also like the message he sends to our youth to be entrepreneurs rather than career politicians. We need more of the former and less of the latter. If this sounds like I think Donald Trump will make a good President, let me be clear. I do not think Trump would make a good President. However, I will give him more credit than he gives to President Obama. No one is all bad.

Trump’s selection as the Republican’s choice for a presidential candidate, will set the party back years, which is where they need to go so that they can regroup and regain some of the foresight and vitality they once had.

One thing for sure. If African-Americans vote like they should. Trump does not stand a chance of winning the presidency.