When bad news is good.

Donald Trump is the best thing that could have happened to the media. Bad news is good news to the media because it makes their product more salable.
We have had bad news about the terrible killings in Brussels and Paris, as well as California. However, that kind of bad news, although salable, is depressing. Trump is salable without the depression of mangled bodies, and grieving relatives.

Look what the Republicans did.

The STOP TRUMP movement by the Republicans might expose the BIG LIE!
Maybe there never was a government of the people by the people.
The forefathers, who are often referred to by those who wish to laud our Constitution as the best set of laws in all humankind, were landed gentry who did not allow women to vote, not even their wives or mothers.
Donald Trump might be sounding the alarm for the US citizens to WAKE UP!

Where did the jobs go?

Many jobs from northern states like Michigan, and Ohio, went to southern “Right to Work” states. Some manufacturers eventually realized that relocating in foreign countries would produce even greater profits.  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2014-09-04/u-dot-s-dot-south-draws-global-manufacturers-with-low-taxes-cheap-labor

This migration caused anguish and resentment among blue collar workers who felt they had been sold out by both parties, to look for Trump to make things right. They could not care less about his lack of class or demigod-like mannerisms.

Hey, this is the USA. Things like this happen here.

Mr. President, you reached across the isle. They did not reach back.

One thing you did not learn during your short stay in Congress, nor the state where you were born and nurtured. When people hate you, they hate you, and nothing short of death is going to stop the hate.

People blinded by hate do stupid things. People angered by a decline in their wealth or social status will vote for the devil out of desperation. People struggling to survive in a world economy no longer controlled by the US dollar or the British pound, do not reason well, and don’t believe they should have to.

Desperate people do not want to be told to think. They respond when told, “Follow me.”

Hitler told them that. Mussolini told them that. Trump is telling them that.

Mr. President, your most trying days are almost over, but for your country, they are just beginning.

We will travel this bumpy road together but I doubt that either of us will enjoy the trip.

Viva Rubio

Rubio is the shining light of the Republican party. He is not as brash, flashy nor angry as the front runner, Donald Trump. However, he does appear to be the only positive thing for the Republican party to come out of this election cycle.

Trump has lashed onto those white middle class workers who believe that they have been shortchanged by their government. His following is and will continue to be consistent in their support for him. That does not make them right .. nor wrong. But, they are angry. The same kind of anger which fueled the “white backlash” and propelled Nixon into office on a “Law and order” platform.

Rubio promises to unify the party, and so does Trump. How does one unify a party which is so anger-driven that they cannot think straight?

Well, they can always blame President Obama, and they probably will not be wrong. After all, he angered so many conservatives by winning the presidency, not once but twice. Some of the fore mentioned have died. Others have been cursed with a life which will probably be long enough to allow them to dwell in their anger while experiencing all the ills that can come from such.

What if Trump wins?

Due to an ironic twist of fate a Trump win might be good for African Americans. No, I am not a die-hard Trump fan but I do appreciate the fact that he is his own man, supporting his own campaign, and beholden to no one. I also like the message he sends to our youth to be entrepreneurs rather than career politicians. We need more of the former and less of the latter. If this sounds like I think Donald Trump will make a good President, let me be clear. I do not think Trump would make a good President. However, I will give him more credit than he gives to President Obama. No one is all bad.

Trump’s selection as the Republican’s choice for a presidential candidate, will set the party back years, which is where they need to go so that they can regroup and regain some of the foresight and vitality they once had.

One thing for sure. If African-Americans vote like they should. Trump does not stand a chance of winning the presidency.