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I doubt that I will see AMERICAN SNIPER, the movie. 

I wonder why, since I like action movies,horror movies, hero movies. I even liked all of the Clint Eastwood movies I have seen. 
     Maybe I am not too fond of biographies. I don’t believe anyone egotistical enough to write their biography will be honest enough to tell the truth. 
     I have always seen snipers played in movies as the despicable men who would hide in trees and shoot unwary soldiers from a distance. This is not the stuff of which heroes are made.
    Does being a Navy SEAL make Chris Kyle different? Certainly, the SEALs have earned the respect of their countrymen, but does that include snipers?
     I am going to sleep on these questions and maybe when I awaken, I will want to see the movie about Chris Kyle, but I doubt it.