Anyone can “google” up tons of info on how bad the Koch brothers are and how they are buying congress with their vast wealth. This site believes in giving everyone a chance to tell their side of the story. So, take a look at some details about the notorious brothers that you don’t often see.

I doubt that I will see AMERICAN SNIPER, the movie. 

I wonder why, since I like action movies,horror movies, hero movies. I even liked all of the Clint Eastwood movies I have seen. 
     Maybe I am not too fond of biographies. I don’t believe anyone egotistical enough to write their biography will be honest enough to tell the truth. 
     I have always seen snipers played in movies as the despicable men who would hide in trees and shoot unwary soldiers from a distance. This is not the stuff of which heroes are made.
    Does being a Navy SEAL make Chris Kyle different? Certainly, the SEALs have earned the respect of their countrymen, but does that include snipers?
     I am going to sleep on these questions and maybe when I awaken, I will want to see the movie about Chris Kyle, but I doubt it.  

We thank you Mr. President, ..

For showing the American people the degree of absolute hatred, selfishness, greed, racism, misogyny, and incompetence of some who walk the halls of Congress in utter disdain of the majority of the american people. 
     Thank you, also, for giving future Presidents a sample of how to be cool during the heat of politics, humble at the height of power but also how to remain determined when you know that you are right, and, above all, how to forgive as a great leader before you once did when he said, “forgive them, father, because they know not what they do.”