To those who would be tough.

You call yourselves conservatives. You love war, worship guns, and think global warming is a hoax. You adore the rich, despise the poor, and believe you are patriotic.
     Some of you say you believe in God but stray far from the golden rule. Your ilk is very interesting. Maybe that’s why the world is looking you over.

6 thoughts on “To those who would be tough.

  1. Wow, stereotype much?

    I do call myself conservative so let me address your points.

    You love war

    No, I don’t love war. I abhor it with a great passion. Having been in the military, having been a child of a veteran, being a father to one currently serving and one veteran; I really know the cost of being in the military. War is hell but there are worse things out there. Failing to act to stop evil is evil and we shouldn’t allow somethings to go without a response. ISIS, Taliban, etc — what is your solution to those who would harm us and others?

    worship guns

    Give me a break. This cliche is so old Obama stopped using it years ago. We don’t ‘worship’ guns but we aren’t going to give them up either. Anyone with a clue about history can tell you what happens too often in populations that have been disarmed. Heck, you don’t have to study foreign countries either; look at the violence levels in Chicago. There homicide rate is 10 per 100K while a ‘gun friendly’ city like Fort Worth is 6 per 100K.

    and think global warming is a hoax

    Nice straw man argument. Climate change/warming/disruption/whatever you are calling it this week happens. Has in the past and will again. But the evidence that man is causing this change is weak and in large part manufactured.
    But let’s talk about living your values — if you truly believe that man is causing global warming; just what are you doing about it?
    Are you not using your car, not using electricity, modern appliances, clothing, food? Are you growing your own food, weaving your own clothes? I doubt it.

    You adore the rich
    You mean people like President Obama –net worth $12.2 MILLION? Hiliary Clinton –$13.1 MILLION? Warren Buffett — $74.5 BILLION?

    despise the poor

    Psychological projection? And just what have you done for the poor? how many have you feed in your kitchen, given a place to sleep, a job?
    Just because we believe that our giving should be personal and not through the government doesn’t mean we despise the poor. We simply take a different approach.

    believe you are patriotic.

    and what is wrong with being patriotic? or why would I be wrong in my belief?

    Your ilk is very interesting.

    Isn’t it interesting that someone is so free to run down others — including a derogatory term designed to make us less than human in your eyes……isn’t that a common technique used to impose restrictions and allow atrocities to be committed?

    Bob S.


    • Conservatives just seem selfish to me. I was raised to share although am personally quite independent. I consider myself a liberal but not the begging big government kind. I believe conservatives and liberals can find common ground on which to coexist.


      • Excuse me but why would I want to even try to find common ground with someone like you?
        Is it common practice for you to insult the people you want to find common ground with?


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