There is a buzz in the air.

The buzz is that a certain section of Spring Hill is a FOOD DESERT and needs another Walmart. This has happened before. When the last Walmart super center, near Spring Hill  and Osowaw Blvds. Was built despite protests, big money won. I think by the time myself and others heard about it, money had already been passed to the powers that be. 
     Now I am not one to jump on BANDWAGONS, protesting everything under the sun but I do know that we don’t need another Walmart in this area.
     Keep your eyes and ears open. Timing is important. Big money has had it’s way for so long that they have begun to take the citizens for granted.

To those who would save the world:

Please be sensible. At this time in the history of the world there is a need to prioritize. Our president is burdened by immense problems. He is taking on these challenges and must prioritize as he sees fit. I believe he shares the concerns of many Facebookers. However, he cannot save the bees, whales, wolves, stray cats and dogs, the planet. The manatees, the Everglades, the underpaid, and underserved at the same time. So let’s not overburden him with petitions he does not have the time nor wherewithal to read.