Let’s be realistic about a minimum wage.

People talk about a minimum wage as if it is a panacea. No matter how many times it is raised, a minimum wage is still a minimum wage. Let’s say you are 18 years old and you start working for a minimum wage. You work on the same job until you are 45. If you are still getting minimum wage, you are still at or close to poverty because thats what minimum wage is. Your boss is making more than minimum wage. Your coworkers who want to get out of poverty are going to be making more than minimum wage also, either on that job or a different one.
     A progressive employer will have a system where workers can make more money as they become more efficient and tenured. Competition for workers will assure that raises do occur. If a company doesn’t pay their workers enough, the workers will go some place else. 
     So minimum wage is a stop gap measure designed to assure starting workers they will live above the poverty level. It does nothing to motivate workers to improve their skills or become more efficient. 
     States pay workers differently, making a federal minimum wage that is fair for everyone impossible. It would be nice if a minimum wage would do all the things people expect it to do but it won’t.